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Our core values of honesty, excellence, entrepreneurship and social responsibility reinforce our approach to providing energy in a sustainable way. SAEL, as an integrated renewable energy company, focuses on the development, construction, operation and

maintenance of solar and biomass plants.

SAEL is committed to providing clean affordable solar and biomass energy while safeguarding the health and safety of the people and giving back to our environment and communities in a socially responsible way. We create employment opportunities besides providing livelihoods for local, rural communities.

Rural Development  

Our approach to sustainability is integrated across our core business activities. We are committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards and making a meaningful positive impact on the communities we operate in especially to rural economy.

Reduction of pollution and carbon emissions

Our biomass energy plants are especially saving lives of people in North India by procuring paddy straw for generating power which otherwise would have been burnt, resulting in pollution in these areas

Waste to Energy Initiative

applies to all of its business activities and ensures compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory environmental requirements, ensuring the continuance of operation and addressing possible adverse environmental impacts. The company’s objective is to improve its environmental performance by setting objectives and targets to prevent pollution and waste and minimize the use of natural resources. SAEL’s incorporates health and safety criteria into business decisions, working with its major suppliers, contractors and customers to improve their own health and safety practices. When operating or visiting SAEL’s facilities, all of its employees, suppliers and contractors must follow plant safety rules, procedures, systems and safe practices.

ESG and H&S policy
Carbon Neutral Energy Development
Alternative use of Paddy Straw reduces Air Pollution and increases soil conservation
Waste-to-Energy, Agro business production leads to Rural Employment

Skill Development

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