Rice Bran Oil is one of the main by-products of the rice mills of SAEL. We have set up a 500 TPD Solvent Extraction Plant in Ghazipur to extract Rice Bran Oil, a health food, and it also produces de-oiled Rice Bran, which is used as cattle feed. Fresh Rice Bran has low Free Fatty Acid (FFA) not exceeding 5%, which rise at a high speed, and within 48 hours, it increases up to 20%. Rice Bran produced in the Rice Mills is transferred to the Solvent Extraction Plant for instant processing through the conveyor without loss of time & money on handling & transportation. The operations are highly efficient because of their synergistic nature.

Current Solvent Extraction Plants


  • 500 TPD capacity plant installed in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.


  • 200 TPD capacity plant installed in Guruharsahai,  Punjab.

Key benefits of rice bran oil extraction :


  • Chain Production

The company has set up the Solvent Extraction Plant within the same premises to extract high-quality Rice Bran Oil.


  • Availability of Cattle Feed

De-oiled Rice Bran is used as Cattle Feed which substantially increases the quantity and quality of milk. The locals involved in the dairy sector benefit from this.    


  • Employment Generation

This unit of the project has also generated direct employment for more than 400 people while generating additional incomes for more than 1000 people in this industry.


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