Steamed rice is a special technology of improving the quality characteristics of rice by treating it with steam under pressure. As a result of steaming, grains of rice become amber-yellow hue and translucent. With the steaming process, up to 80% of vitamins and minerals are contained in the rice shell. The yellow color of the steamed rice disappears during cookong and it becomes white however, the surface of the grains become harder and do not burst.


Sona Masoori steam rice has less starch content,  non-sticky in nature and is easily digestible. It is excellent for preparation of Indian and continental cuisine. 

1509 White Sella Rice

Bag Size
  • Moisture Content

    13.0 To 14.0%

  • Average Length

    5.10 mm

  • Packaging Size

    25 Kgs

    50 Kgs

  • Packaging Type


    PP Bag