Golden Sella Rice milling procedure differentiates itself from any other form of rice. It is ensured that the paddy is first steamed and further dried, for the purpose of milling. Later the rice is gently parboiled to lock-in the nutrients. This help in lending the grains form a long slender shape and adapt a soft golden or a yellow colour.This rice has a strong ability to absorb the flavours of herbs, spices and much more, and that is why it is used in variety of Persian cuisines such as Pulao, Biryani etc. Since, the grains are elongated post-cooking and further adds aroma, flavour, fragrance as well as visual beauty to the dish. Also, each rice grain separates out perfectly after cooking.


Golden Sella Rice is also appreciated for various health benefits.It not only help combat malnutrition but also alleviate various deficiencies, namely that of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc and Protein. Apart from that, it is easy to cook and imparts rich aroma to your dish. This also ensures purity in each grain. This extra-long grain is non-sticky after cooking and holds longer shelf life.

1121 Golden Sella Rice

Bag Size
  • Moisture Content

    12.0 To 12.5%

  • Average Length

    8.35 mm

  • Packaging Size

    05 Kgs

    10 Kgs

    25 Kgs

    50 Kgs

  • Packaging Type


    PP Bag

  • Known For

    • High Quality Rice
    • Easy Cooking Rice
    • High nutritional value Rice
    • Soft Texture Rice
    • Usage in Various Cuisines Food