Turnkey Engineering Procurement and Construction Services with Operation & Maintenance support.



As a solar EPC Contractor, our priority is to optimize the project cost and reduce the lifetime cost of energy,

ensuring a longer system life and high project performance.

We use only the highest quality components, including tier 1 modules backed by linear degradation warranties, and other components supplies.

We match the system design with the location requirements, including wind speed, corrosion risks, maintenance and it's requirements and other factors.

Our in-house engineering, procurement, projects, and operation & maintenance teams work together closely on each project design.

We undertake rigorous shadow analysis to optimize the plant design, taking into account the shadows from nearby objects throughout the year.


  • We adhere to safety guidelines above and beyond customer requirements.

  • We work consistently with contractors who religiously follow safety guidelines.

  • We have a comprehensive approach to ensure safety, so that installation runs smoothly for years.

  • We strictly adhere to relevant safety & labour laws.

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The system runs on the power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) cells. The solar energy is converted into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system can draw water from the open well, borewell, stream, pond, canal, etc. The system requires a shadow-free area to install the solar panel.

AC & DC Solar Pump Performance Range

Water output@

5.5 kWhr/sq.m/day

solar insolation incident

Total dynamic pump head

Solar Modules Wattage

Submersible Pump

2,500 to 750,000 litres per day

5 meters to 200 meters

500 Wp to 30,000 Wp

Surface Pump

5,000 to 1,200,000 litres per day

10 meters to 150 meters

500 Wp to 28,000 Wp


*Any other customized system can be designed as per the customer requirement

Salient Features: 

  • No dependence on erratic grid power, and saving on expensive diesel.

  • One-time investment and then zero running cost (free sunlight) for many years to come.

  • The solar modules are warranted for a linear performance guaranteed output of no less than 80% by the end of 25 years.

  • Protection features like a dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightning arrestor.

  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized iron mounting structure for longer life.

  • Assistance for paperwork to claim government subsidy (if applicable) and best-fit system for maximizing your benefit.

  • Conforming to MNRE Specification of Government of India.

  • With the help of our GSM based remote monitoring module, user can monitor/control the system remotely from all over the world just with the internet.


Simply connect it to your existing power supply, and cut down your electricity bill. The system converts sunlight falling on your roof into electricity.  It also works as a backup system during grid failure.



SAEL offers Lithium-ion cell batteries with a range starting from  1.5  Ah to 100 Ah in a single cell, and packs ranging from 4kWh to 2MWh are designed with higher voltage and backups as per buyer's requirement. 

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to meet the advanced requirement of the storage industry. Lithium-ion batteries are compact, light-weight with high energy density and its flexible structure allows it to fit in the required space. Apart from this, lithium packs have a long life cycle, fast recharging qualities and can be controlled with an advance Battery Management System.


Salient Features: 

  • Faster charging rate and low discharging rate.

  • It is a safe battery type, highly reliable and creates no pollution Excellent high-temperature performance.

  • Small in volume and light in weight, reduce 40-50% in size (compared with Lead Acid Battery).

  • At 25 Degree Celsius  & 50%  depth of discharge, the cycle  life is  more than 5000  cycles 20 years of lifetime@ 25 Degree Celsius.


Considering the strong focus and initiative of GOI through various incentive schemes to increase the usage of EVs in the country, it is expected that there will a charging capacity gap for approximately 120 million EVs which are likely to be on road by 2030. As EVs go mainstream, charging will likely shift towards public options with over 70% EVs poised to use public charging stations by 2030.

We provide turnkey solutions for every need with our Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure, and as per Indian Government Standard (Bharat Charging Standard Bharat AC Charger (Bharat AC01) & Bharat DC Charger (Bharat DC01 ). Apart from that we also have DC Fast Charger with CCS, CHAdeMo & GB/T Standard.

Our services include everything from project feasibility study to development of public charging infrastructure:

  • Site Feasibility of Charging stations as per CENDISCOM Recommendations 

  • Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Assessment                                                 

  • Electricity Source Cost Analysis

  • Turnkey Charging Station Solution

  • Renewable Power Integration

  • loT Systems for Charger Network 

  • loT Systems for EV operators

  • Operation and Maintenance

SAEL has already received empanelment from NTPC for development of charging infrastructure with Bharat EV Chargers (DC & AC) and Fast Chargers.

We look forward to working with Automotive OEMs, Energy and Infrastructure Providers, Fleet Operators and Smart Cities to accelerate electric vehicle adoption.


CMS & Mobile App for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:

SAEL EV APP manages hassle-free ride for EV owners. With amazing features like locating EV charging station, book slot for charging, pay online, earn rewards and current updates on technology etc.