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FICCI Achievement Award

FICCI, New Delhi has appreciated the efforts and achievement of the company in developing Grid-Interactive 15 MW Biomass-based Power Plant generating electricity by using Rice Husk as fuel which is first of its kind in the state of U.P.

Eminent jury members have accredited our efforts for Promoting Renewal Source  of Energy and Reducing Emission of GHGs  by Generating Precious Power in ‘Paddy to  Power’ Chain and awarded the FICCI Annual Award 2009-10 for “Innovation & Excellence in Promotion of Renewable Energy”

NCCRD at IIT-M will work with SAEL

Punjab and Haryana alone produce 35 million tons of paddy straw per year, unfit for cattle feed, and are instead burnt as there is not much economic value that farmers gain from it. Reintegrating into the soil is expensive. The stubble, however, has the useful heating value of around 3200 to 3500 KCal/kg, which is close to the coal used for power generation in thermal power plants.

SAEL is in the process of commissioning two 100% paddy straw-based power plants in Punjab, besides starting two more similar power plants Haryana. These plants are based on Danish technology and need to adapt to Indian conditions.

SAEL will fund the construction of facilities st IIT-M that to research the combustion of paddy straw. The results will be put to further test in a boiler environment with a facility created, as suggested by IITM, at a centre at one of the power plants of SAEL.

SBI Yono Award Presentation,
The Lalit, Chandigarh
November, 2019
CREST Award, Chandigarh