About Us

We're transforming access to renewable energy with simple, powerful, and sustainable solutions

About Sael

Our Endeavours

At SAEL, we are continuously endeavoring to facilitate India's adoption of clean and affordable energy projects for baseload power. As one of India's fastest-growing energy companies, we are dedicated to enhancing the energy landscape nationwide.

We are committed to environmentally sustainable and economically viable energy solutions. We are involved in developing and implementing renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency solutions, and possibly energy access initiatives for underserved communities.

We acknowledge the pivotal role of energy access in enhancing the well-being and satisfaction of both our customers and the communities we serve. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure the provision of Sustainable & Affordable Energy for Life.


MW Energy Generated

Our Ambition

Our aim to sustain energy for life directs our decisions. This purpose ignites an empathic and compassionate blended action towards preserving our planet, ecological nourishment, and Society-centered sustainability interventions.

Our Strategic Pillars


We strive for sustainable growth through strategic locations and the development of world-class energy infrastructure.

Operational Excellence

We believe in doing everything to the best of our capabilities. Our vision of operational excellence is focused on safety, security, and reliability.


Leading the transition to a low-carbon economy through the pursuit of decarbonization initiatives, including partnership opportunities with like-minded corporate citizens and business chambers.

What We Believe

Our Guiding Principles


Foster a positive internal and external customer experience at every stage of the customer journey to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Always consider the outcomes our decisions will have on the customer.


Have an optimistic interpretation of adverse events and see problems as potential opportunities; highly resilient, resourceful, and solutions-oriented even within highly uncertain, resource constrained environments.

Team Work

Value diverse teams of people. Encourage and help each other through collaboration. Inspire the exchange of ideas to come up with creative ways of doing things.

Trust and Respect

Extend trust and create a feeling of belonging, listen for understanding to different perspectives by being respectful and professional.


Always honest, we do the right thing and adhere to moral and ethical principles for self and team.

Owner Mind-Set

Demonstrate ownership, taking smart risks, while remaining aligned to organizational pillars. Encourage individuals to take responsibility to hold themselves and others accountable.

Outcome Focused

Have passion to exceed ambitious goals and safely deliver high quality business results. Strive to delegate for outcomes rather than by task.

Continuous Learning

Inquisitive and open-minded, actively seeks new and varied experiences, and ideas. Is passionate about continual learning for self and team.